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Episode #0012

This week, Colton and Naaim are filled with regret about their missed Month Python and the Holy Grail jokes in relation to Gingaman’s Black Knight Hyuuga, but they do note the lack of puns. Then they finally Get in Gear to talk about Power Rangers R.P.M. and its major departure from its source Sentai, Go-Onger. Plus, we read a pretty fun e-mail and go on a short rant about Power Rangers Turbo. Check it all out on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!

G12 With A Mullet

G12 With A Mullet. This came from Sentai22 on


Comments on: "Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0012" (1)

  1. Something that I noticed about RPM and the one aspect that I didn’t like about the series was the treatment of the villains. I didn’t even learn Yogestien and Kienidas’ RPM equivalents names until about twelve episodes in and it took me even longer to discover which was which, so until Kilobyte came along there was no villain character development that I approved off. But if there was one thing I absolutely hated about RPM, it was Tenaya 7. The fact she insulted EVERY SINGLE one of the villains and got no repercussions for it was so irritating, it actually felt like mean-spirited jabs at Go-Onger, by the time they got to the “Astronoma rip-off” arc, I didn’t care, I didn’t want to see here redeemed, i wanted to see Shifter(Yogestien) stab her in the chest while Kilobyte(The Cleaning Minister) Shoots her in the head. That said, RPM was a good series overall, hate Tenaya, but still enjoyable despite her presence.

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