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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0021

Episode #0021

GoZyu GokaiOh

Note: The mech on the right never actually makes it into the show

Frankie’s gone once again as we talk about the Abaranger tribute in Gokaiger. Then, deciding this episode will be quite short, we handle some voicemails and defend ourselves. All this and… not much more on this episode of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!


Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0020

Episode #0020

Don't Crash!

Riders... in Space! (Image courtesy

Hot off the heels of our Linkara episode, Frank returns to talk about Ghost Rangers in the Gokaiger Jetman tribute (featuring everyone’s favorite badass)! We add a new segment so we can talk about Kamen Riders in Space and their teamup with the Ninja Turtles (I’m being told that doesn’t happen… the Ninja Turtles part, that is; we do talk about Kamen Rider.) Then we tackle some e-mails and tweets. Check it all out on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!

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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0019

Sixth Rangers

All the sixth rangers who appeared in Powers Rangers (absent: Titanium Ranger. Guess why.)

Episode #0019

Lewis Lovhaug (aka Linkara) joins Naaim and Colton for our longest episode yet (even longer than out Boukenger review!) We talk about Power Rangers Samurai for the first time in a long time, then Lewis leaves to let Colton and Naaim talk about Gokaiger. After that, Lewis returns to talk about the role of the sixth ranger in the team, from Mighty Morphin’s Tommy to Samurai’s Antonio. We round off the episode with some emails and a tweet. The only thing missing is Frankie! Don’t miss this episode of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!!!

We’re back, y’all!

We have triumphantly returned to self-hosting the show! This gives us freedom to do whatever we want with release schedules and such; plus, you don’t have to hear that disclaimer any more. So join us, won’t you? It’s the return to out indie roots on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!

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