The one and only Power Rangers Podcast made of pure awesome!

Episode #0020

Don't Crash!

Riders... in Space! (Image courtesy

Hot off the heels of our Linkara episode, Frank returns to talk about Ghost Rangers in the Gokaiger Jetman tribute (featuring everyone’s favorite badass)! We add a new segment so we can talk about Kamen Riders in Space and their teamup with the Ninja Turtles (I’m being told that doesn’t happen… the Ninja Turtles part, that is; we do talk about Kamen Rider.) Then we tackle some e-mails and tweets. Check it all out on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!


Comments on: "Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0020" (1)

  1. The show is interesting… I would just say BREATHE… sometimes it’s difficult to understand who is saying what and what is being said… just relax a l’il bit, guys! I understand- you have two or three people that are excited or passionate about a topic… but it sometimes jumbles into speaking really fast and on top of each other.

    Over than that, I think that this show (I’ve only heard maybe four or five episodes) has the potential to be pretty nifty.

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