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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0023

Episode #0023


Mach Zenkai! The PSPR-approved Artist's Interpretation of GokaiFire

What do you mean we were gone for a month!? Well, forget about it; we’re back with more Podcast Sentai Power Rangers! Due to lost time, we talk about SEVEN episodes of Gokaiger! The Buster, Dairanger, Luka, Go-Onger, KanzenGokaiOh, It’s jam PACKED! Plus, five more episodes of Samurai to hold us off until “Clash of the Red Rangers!” Season 1 Finale! Season 1 Premiere (Finally)! Halloween clipsh–special! Then, we are packed to the brim with… two e-mails… from the same guy… All this plus a special announcement on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!


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