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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0024, Part 2

Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode 24, Part 2


Finally! Part 2 arrives nearly a week after Part 1! Can you really blame us? This time, we talk about the Megaranger Tribute, the Timeranger tribute, and the Ahim… tribute… Plus, we’re still joined by Anthony Vega! Also, we do e-mails. It’s all on this exciting episode of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!


Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0024, Part 1

Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode 24, Part 1

Gobuster Keyset

Not only do we see the Gobusters, but they get Ranger Keys too!

The episode so long, we had to split it in two! Join us this time as we talk about Gobusters rumor, and later news, as well as the new Superhero Taisen news, and are joined by Anthony Vega to talk about “Clash of the Rangers – The Movie!” Join us next time for Gokaiger and your emails!

PSPR Commentary Track: Gokaiger-Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle

PSPR 199 Heroes Commentary

All of the Super Sentai

This actually DOES happen in the movie

It’s finally here! The Podcast Sentai Power Rangers audio commentary track for the Gokaiger-Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Heroes Grand Battle! Listen to what we think and also our witty wisecracks! Find out who hates Alata and who doesn’t think he’s so bad (Hint: you know who). It’s an extravaganza of Sentai!

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