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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0019

Sixth Rangers

All the sixth rangers who appeared in Powers Rangers (absent: Titanium Ranger. Guess why.)

Episode #0019

Lewis Lovhaug (aka Linkara) joins Naaim and Colton for our longest episode yet (even longer than out Boukenger review!) We talk about Power Rangers Samurai for the first time in a long time, then Lewis leaves to let Colton and Naaim talk about Gokaiger. After that, Lewis returns to talk about the role of the sixth ranger in the team, from Mighty Morphin’s Tommy to Samurai’s Antonio. We round off the episode with some emails and a tweet. The only thing missing is Frankie! Don’t miss this episode of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!!!


Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0005

Episode #0005

Join Naaim and Colton as they apologize to you for not having an episode last week. Also, they talk about Power Rangers Samurai and the appearance of the new GOLD Ranger! Plus, Gokaiger has some hints at a sixth ranger coming up as well! And, our very first email! Don’t miss this episode of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!

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