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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0016

Episode #0016

Another Frankie-less episode coming to you late again! It’s like anniversary seasons make us late for some reason. This episode, we talk about another insanely wacky Gokaiger episode (but is it wackier than the Carranger tribute?) Plus, we ramble forever about Boukenger, and then we get our first voicemail! Definitely check it all out this time on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers!


Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0007

Episode #0007

While Samurai might see some more serious action (Though with the inclusion of Antonio, how much is really serious?) Gokaiger takes another route and goes completely ridiculous. Find out what Naaim and Colton thought about this Carranger-filled episode of Gokaiger and more on Parody Sentai Ridcurangers!

NOTE: The audio dies at around 6 minutes in.  We’re sorry and plan on re-editing it in the future maybe.

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