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Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode 28

Pshhh! Y'all wish you was the mothafuckin' Go-Ongers

It’s time for another apparently monthly episode of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers! We forsake forego the news and the feedback and do a full episode about the last five episodes of Gokaiger! Strap in, because this is our longest episode of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers yet!


Comments on: "Podcast Sentai Power Rangers: Episode #0028 – GOKAI FINALE!" (2)

  1. Thermkitty said:

    Oh god this was the best episode. You guys should do 5-episode shows more often. There wasn’t a boring moment since there was always more real stuff for you guys to discuss. And it’s not like we really need to hear news from a month ago at this point.

    Sun Vulcan fanboy note: VulEagle’s katana is a real katana. It wasn’t even a toy they advertised, it was just a straight-up katana. VulEagle I left the team to work for NASA, so he got his kendo-master friend to take over as team leader. Instead of just using the Vulcan Stick like the rest of the team, VulEagle II used his personal sword in combat to murder monsters. Gokaiger represented both of them by having the Vulcan Stick change into the katana, but that never happened in-series.

  2. Where did you get the Gokaiger ending theme with all 36 team (with Go-buster and gokaiger)
    I cant find it anywhere

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